Favorite Flower

a tie between ranunculus & garden roses

Guilty Pleasure

Romantic comedies
jimmy eat world
hgtv channel

Place to Visit

a mountainscape with a fire pit & a whiskey

Passing the Time

furniture stores
a good paperback book
driving with the windows down

A Few of My Faves

I have been a detail oriented person my whole life. I won't settle for anything less than the vision I have in my head when it comes to design. 

I started my floral business in 2016 and continue to challenge myself, my team, and our designs with ongoing trends and new mechanics to elevate our brand even further.


Meet the Owner
& Designer

It's no surprise that nature connects us to the earth. When we slow down enough to appreciate the beauty around us we become grounded. This, for me, is what I believe flowers do for us too. I feel at my best when my hands are moving.. when I begin with an assortment of flowers in front of me, and create something with my heart leading the way, and my mind quieted by the movement. 

I believe in flowers unifying a space - space between memory and heart, physical distance between people, or a place you find yourself in. 

Creating beautiful spaces for each of my clients opens the door for a special connection between their past and present and I'm so thankful to be a part of it.

I believe in flowers.


with love & flowers,

Mama of three  Dog person Craft beer  Books>Podcasts  Live music  Former barista  I'm a no salt on my margarita kind-of-gal  

i married my best friend. for real.

Smell of fresh rain on concrete  Quote Jim Carrey movies always  Lover of earth tones for everything  Afraid of rollercoasters  

i am a Capricorn through and through

Distressed denim  The smell of juniper & sage  I always take my coffee iced, with HELLA ice  Converted from iphone and have no regrets  

i've got a heart for people

With skilled designers and detail-oriented assistants, our team collectively helps to bring your vision to life. 

with us by your side, we will create the dreamy wedding you deserve with high quality blooms and designs.


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